Any questions regarding the recent media coverage of events relating to a former youth minister can be directed to Bro. Tim Cochran via the contact email available on the contact us page.  We understand that each individual affected by this is going to work through their own feelings in a unique way and we invite you to experience growth and healing with us as a family.  Many are sad beyond words, some are angry, and we all have questions that only God knows the answer too, but He is faithful and we choose to do our best to be faithful too.  We are all hurting in some way, from senior leadership to the child old enough to grasp what has happened, please find grace for your church family in the midst of this trial as we move forward the best we know how.  If you are interested in the Church’s public reaction, see the February 7th morning service video posted in the sermons page of this website.

    “Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him” Job 13:15a NIV.

The people of God are continually reminded that man will let us down.  Our leaders, our friends, our family, and all those whom we love, will one day let us down in some way.  A disciple of Christ follows Christ, we do not follow a pastor or a youth minister, we do not follow ourselves or our spouse, we do not follow the law or ascribe to a religion.  We only follow Jesus and we continue to follow Him, through the desert or through the storm.